Month: May 2014

Stars of Track – The Next Generation

As we approach the midpoint in the Olympic cycle, it seems as good a time as any to look around for new talent in the world of sport. So what better than a video wall of the brightest young stars in the world of athletics?

The rules for inclusion? Simply that they were teenagers at January 1 this year.
There’s no guarantee any of these will be World or Olympic champion though I’d be shocked if none of them went to become household names in athletics. Most probably we’ll be seeing some in Rio 2016 and a lot more in Tokyo.

Here’s part 1 – the male athletes.

100 m Trayvon Bromell (USA)
Born 10 July 1995 St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Student at Baylor University. Joint World Junior record holder over 100m. Broke 10 second barrier although run was wind assisted.
Best – 100m – 10.01, 200m 20.59

200 m Zharnel Hughes (AGU)
Born 13 July 1995 Anguilla
Pan-American Junior champion 2013. Beat Yohan Blake’s Jamaican schools 100m record though arguably better at 200.
Best – 100m – 10.12, 200m 20.32

400 m Christopher Taylor (JAM)
Born 1999 Jamaica
Jamaican 400m prodigy. At 14 the youngest on this list.
Best 400m – 48.54

800m/1500m Robert Kiptoo Biwott (KEN)
Born 28 January 1996 Kenya
World Youth Champion over 1500m 2013. Diamond League Shanghai winner 2014
Best 800m – 1.44.69, 1500m – 3.36.77

5000m/10000m Hagos Gebrhiwet (ETH)
Born 11 May 1994 Atsbi-Wonberta, Ethiopia
World Championship silver medallist over 5000m 2013. World Junior cross-country champion 2013.
Best 5000m – 12:47.53

110m hurdles David Omoregie (GBR)
Born 1 November 1995 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
5th fastest junior ever over 110m hurdles.
Best 110m Hurdles (99.0cm) – 13.23, 110m Hurdles – 13.92

400m hurdles – Jaheel Hyde (JAM)
Born 2 February 1997 Jamaica
World Youth 110m hurdles gold medal 2013. Moved up to 400 hurdles to fine effect.
Best 110m Hurdles (99.0cm) – 13.53, 400m hurdles – 49.49

High Jump  – Randall Cunningham  Jr. (USA)
Born 4 January 1996 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Son of NFL legend Randall Cunningham. Also highly regarded as a football quarterback. Has joint US / South African citizenship.
Best – High Jump – 2.21m

Pole Vault – Hussein Assem Al-Hizam (KSA)
Born 4 January 1998 Saudi Arabia
Jumped 5.27m at age 15.
Best – Pole Vault – 5.32m

Long Jump – Anatoliy Ryapolov (RUS)
Born 31 January 1997
World Youth long jump champion 2013.
Best – Long Jump – 7.90m

Triple Jump – Lázaro Martínez (CUB)
Born 3 November 1997
World Youth triple jump champion 2013.
Best – Triple Jump – 17.24m

Shot Put – Jacko Gill (NZL)
Born 20 December 1994 Auckland, New Zealand
World Junior shot put champion 2010,2012 (youngest ever world junior champion in 2010). World Youth shot put champion 2011.
Best – Shot put – 20.38m, Shot Put (6kg) – 23.00m, Shot Put (5kg) – 24.45m

Discus – Róbert Szikszai (HUN)
Born 30 September 1994
European Junior discus champion 2013.
Best – Discus Throw – 59.22m, Discus Throw (1.750kg) – 64.75m

Hammer – Bence Pásztor (HUN)
Born 5 February 1995
World Youth hammer champion 2011. World Junior hammer silver medal 2012.
Best – Hammer Throw – 69.20m, Hammer Throw (6kg) – 80.25m

Javelin – Simon Litzell (SWE)
Born 11 February 1997
Currently leads World Youth rankings.
Best – Javelin Throw (700g) – 80.04m

Decathlon – Jirí Sýkora (CZE)
Born 20 January 1995
Only junior decathlete to score 8000 points in 2013-14. Favourite for 2014 World Junior gold.
Best – Decathlon Junior – 8047

Walking – Toshikazu Yamanishi (JPN)
Born 15 February 1996
World Youth 10km track walk champion 2013.
Best – 10 Kilometres Race Walk – 41:14 (Road), 41:53.80 (Track)


Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

A quick introduction.
My name is Hilary Evans, male (just to avoid any embarrassment later), and I have an unhealthy interest in pretty obscure areas of sport.

I’ll be using this blog to, very occasionally, post things that don’t fit anywhere else.
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The name of the blog is a tribute to a old teacher of mine. “The trouble with you, Evans, is that you seem slightly confused most of the time”, he said. Almost certainly he was right.